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  • Cable Assembly And Harness Subcontract Manufacturers

​Redvue manufacturers ribbon cable assemblies for numerous customers across many industries from consumer goods to industrial applications. We can manufacture many types including shielded and unshielded ribbon cable application. Our production facility is able to handle handle small batches as low as 100 pieces, to high volume production.

- Screened Types

- Standard 28AWG UL2651 Flat Ribbon Cable

- Colour Coded (Rainbow) – Laminated or Edge-Bonded Types

- Both Commercial & Branded Product Available (i.e. 3M, Molex, Tyco, etc)

- Connector types; IDC sockets, DIP/transition plugs, IDC shrouded headers, latching and box headers,

  IDC D-Sub1.27mm (.050”) connectors for 0.635mm (.025”) ribbon cable for high density applications

- Daisy-chain, Split & Multi-branch Forms Capability

- Folding & Labelling- 100% Test & Final Inspection

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