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Redvue specialise in subcontract ultrasonic metal welding and wire splicing up to 35sqmm. We supply welded assemblies for many applications ranging from lighting, power distribution to railway switches.

Ultrasonic splicing is an advanced technical process for combining nonferrous metals, stranded wire and many metal-alloys. It is a cold-phase friction welding technique; there is no melting and no high-temperature build up. The surfaces being joined are subjected to high-frequency mechanical oscillations while being rubbed together under pressure. The molecules of the surfaces begin to swirl and intermingle with one another, creating a firm and lasting bond. Improvements in quality and efficiency, reduced energy requirements and positive environmental factors are the decisive advantages of this new technology. 

Common benefits of Ultrasonic splicing:

- Joins dissimilar metals
- Typical weld times within 1 second
- Bonds stronger than soldered or resistance welded joints
- Precision control over weld areas. Perfect for high gauge wires and small surface areas
- No adverse effect on environment
- Uses no consumables, such as solder or flux
- Removes surface oxides and impurities eliminating the need for prior cleaning of work-pieces
- Cost-effective due to energy, material and labour savings
- Integrated quality control system

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