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  • Cable Assembly And Harness Subcontract Manufacturers

​We manufacture a wide range of coax cable assemblies for a diverse range of applications, including RF, data, video and instrumentation. All common types are available, custom manufactured to your exact requirements. Most miniature and sub-miniature co-axial cable types are available, such as the majority of high frequency, data and signal RG types.

Our automated co-axial cutting and stripping machine ensures consistent and highly accurate cable preparation in accordance with connector manufacturers tolerances. We can accommodate co-axial and tri-axial cables of up to 11mm O.D. with strip lengths up to 40mm.

- Large range of co-axial connector types possible, including BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX , MMCX, F-Type, N-Type, etc.

- Most RG & LMR cable types available.

- Custom manufactured to exact customer requirements.

- Automated cut & strip of co-axial & tri-axial cables of up to 11mm O.D.

- Low, medium and high volume production.

- Competitive pricing.

- 100% Tested.

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