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Specialist Harnesses manufactured to the highest possible quality.From simple control panel assemblies to complex switchgear harnesses, Redvue has the necessary equipment and manufacturing expertise to produce any requirement demanded from a wide range of industrial OEM customers.

Our highly skilled and continuously trained staff provides reassurance that your wiring harness is manufactured to the highest possible quality. We have invested in our own in house engineers who are trained at the machinery manufacturer’s site, this minimises any possible down time during maintenance and means that we are not reliant on outside companies to maintain and repair our equipment.

We build a dedicated cell for each customer with its own machines and tooling required for the particular contract.  We also provide additional services to support the incorporation of sub-assemblies such as DIN rail wiring, switches, indicators, small panels, etc. All products are subjected to in-process inspections, and 100% mechanical and electrical quality testing.

In addition we also offer customised labelling and individual packaging to suit each customer’s requirements.

Some of the harnesses we currently produce are:

• Alarm & security wire harnesses

• Battery wiring harnesses

• Control wiring harnesses

• Electrical cable & wiring harnesses

• Electro-mechanical wire harnesses

• Industrial wiring harnesses

• Multi-conductor cable harnesses

• Panel wiring harnesses

• Power wiring harnesses & looms

• Switch & indicator wiring harnesses

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